Welcome to The Support Area!

At Ariotek we appreciate that Web Hosting does have its fair share of control panels with different options and settings which can for even the most experienced among us can be quite confusing.

This section of our site is hopefully here to help. Video tutorials are available to demonstrate the most common tasks and setups with an FAQ and knowledge base section for those same questions that always come up.

A link to our community forum is also part of our support setup. It was originally setup as somewhere for our clients to chat to each other for networking and socialising (you’re welcome there too!) but time and time again its proven to be the best place to get quick and friendly assistance. If you’re having a problem even if its not related to hosting there is always someone on our forum who’s been there and done that!.

If none of these resources provide fruitful then you can always ask one of our support team. We are here to support you as best we can. Our response time and the feedback we get from our clients about our support is something we take great pride in so don’t be afraid to give us a shout if you’re totally stuck.


Our Video Tutorials contain examples of some of the most common tasks.. From setting up email accounts to paying an invoice its all here.

Video Tutorials

Our Knowledge base is a collection of solutions to problems that have been discussed and resolved. Topics mainly submitted by our own clients..

Knowledge Base

Frequently Asked Questions. Short and sharp questions with quick and simple answers.


Our Community Forum is a friendly and sociable place to go if you need help with your hosting or if you simply fancy a chat with like minded individuals.

Community Forum

If you’re really stuck and can’t find a solution to your problem you can always raise a support ticket and talk to our team..

Support Ticket