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    by Published on 26-02-2014 02:53 PM     Number of Views: 79 

    Not posted for a long time been busy doing back end stuff and support tickets. Here's a fact that is just silly:

    Over 96% of all tickets come from 4% of our customers

    One customer has over 130 tickets in the last 3 years the vast majority of which could have been solved using Google.

    Anyway how is everyone
    by Published on 08-11-2013 06:40 PM     Number of Views: 317 

    We have ongoing issues with the server Nairn 2 sites in particular(wordpress sites again) have brought undue load on the Apache side of the server. All services are running fine apart from the websites which will be intermittent until we block all offending IP's.

    All IP's now blocked and 3 accounts suspended all of which had an old Wordpress install. It looks like the bots are checking for outdated installs then attempting to hack the WP site to gain access which has an adverse affect of killing the Apache processes which mean no one can connect.
    by Published on 24-10-2013 09:12 AM     Number of Views: 244 

    We are updating MySQL on the carluke server so the sites may appear down for the next 30 minutes or so.

    Had to revert to PHP 5.3.* as some customers have not got compliant software.
    by Published on 05-08-2013 10:04 AM     Number of Views: 355 

    We are having issues where some customers are getting error code 1 when trying to pay via Paypal or credit/debit cards we know about the issue and have been waiting on WHMCS since Friday for a reply to the issue.

    by Published on 03-08-2013 12:45 PM     Number of Views: 305 

    As some of you may have noticed all the Paypal subscriptions have been cancelled this is due to the new price increases which would have caused issues with the current subscription.

    Customers can restart the subscriptions when the next invoice is generated.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
    by Published on 01-08-2013 03:18 PM

    The server upgrades are in progress and minimal downtime is expected. We will keep you updated during this time and thank you for your patience.

    Server Upgrade Report

    Oban Server Complete
    Stirling Server Complete
    Montrose Complete
    Elgin Server Complete
    Nairn Server Complete
    Rosyth Server Complete
    by Published on 31-07-2013 04:14 PM     Number of Views: 415 

    You can now unblock your IP from within the billing area just click support and then unblock IP address

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